Oh yeahhhhhhhh, baby. Endash has a generous free tier.

Or, only pay for what you use and get everything Endash has to offer.


Share your work!.


1 Project

3 Apps (256MB RAM, 1vCPU)

3GB SSD storage

Auto start/stop app

Unlimited builds


Scale your work!.

$5/mo + usage

10 projects

10 apps per project


Private, secure apps

Scalable SSDs

24/7 availability

Scheduled start/stop

Usage-based pricing

User registration

User authentication

User access control

Up to 1,000 users

$0.01/user/mo after 10,000



Build anything, for anyone.

$50/mo + usage

1,000 projects

1,000 apps per project

10,000 users

$0.001/user/mo after 10,000


Support a big team.

Coming soon.

Endash Usage-based Pricing Guide


All prices listed are on-demand. Always-on apps get lower pricing than on-demand apps by 25%.

Minimum charge time for on-demand is 1 hour.


Good for some simultaneous users with small (up to 25MB) data transformation.

Most demo apps are fine with the smallest size.

1vCPU, 256MB RAM - $0.005/hr (~$3.60/mo)

1vCPU, 512MB RAM - $0.075/hr (~$5.40/mo)

2vCPU, 1GB RAM - $0.015/hr (~$10.80/mo)

Good for simultaneous users with medium (up to 100MB) data transformation.

Most data-light production apps are fine with the first option here.

2vCPU, 2GB RAM - $0.0175/hr (~$14.40/mo)

2vCPU, 4GB RAM - $0.042/hr (~$30.24/mo)

4vCPU, 4GB RAM - $0.05/hr (~$36.00/mo)

Good for many simultaneous users with larger (up to 500MB) data transformation.

Many data-intensive production apps work well with these options - scale up for more users.

4vCPU, 8GB RAM - $0.075/hr (~$54.0/mo)

8vCPU, 4GB RAM - $0.08/hr (~$57.60/mo)

8vCPU, 8GB RAM - $0.10/hr (~$72.00/mo)

8vCPU, 16GB RAM - $0.175/hr (~$126.00/mo)

Dedicated CPU

Dedicated CPUs are much more powerful than vCPUs.

Use these for many users and more intensive data transformations.

If you're unsure which size is right for you, that's great! Experiment a bit! You'll only be charged per hour.

Most single-threaded data-intensive production apps are fine with the first option here.

With more users, get more CPUs.

2CPU, 8GB RAM - $0.15/hr (~$108.00/mo)

2CPU, 16GB RAM - $0.20/hr (~$144.00/mo)

4CPU, 8GB RAM - $0.20/hr (~$144.00/mo)

4CPU, 16GB RAM - $0.30/hr (~$216.00/mo)

4CPU, 32GB RAM - $0.45/hr (~$324.00/mo)

8CPU, 16GB RAM - $0.45/hr (~$324.00/mo)

8CPU, 32GB RAM - $0.60/hr (~$432.00/mo)

8CPU, 64GB RAM - $0.90/hr (~$648.00/mo)

16CPU, 32GB RAM - $0.75/hr (~$540.00/mo)

16CPU, 64GB RAM - $1.35/hr (~$972.00/mo)

16CPU, 128GB RAM - $2.00/hr (~$1440.00/mo)

SSD DISKS: free to 3GB (3 1GB disks; 1 per app), $0.25/GB/mo after

BANDWIDTH: free to 10GB, $0.05/GB after